The Human Body and World War II

Faculty of English

University of Oxford

23-24 March 2018



The flesh poured over her, the hot, nerve-wired, now lit up, now dark as the grave, physical body.’  (Virginia Woolf, Between the Acts, 1941)

The Human Body and World War II is a two-day conference, scheduled to take place at the University of Oxford from 23-24 March 2018.

The conference is interdisciplinary and international in character. We aim to bring together researchers from around the world working in the humanities, medical sciences and modern languages, with a view to engendering a deeper understanding of the impact of the Second World War on the perception and representation of the human body. The conference promises to illuminate how the body was affected on the battlefield and in the home, and will consider the wartime body in both its historical context and via the conflict’s lasting influence on approaches to the human body in the humanities and medical sciences today.

Please see our Call for Papers if you would like to submit a proposal.