[War is] the most radically embodying event in which human beings ever collectively participate.” Elaine Scarry

The Human Body and World War II is a two-day conference, scheduled to take place at the University of Oxford from 23-24 March 2018.

Drawing together international researchers working in the humanities and medical sciences, this conference will explore the diverse effects of World War II on the perception and representation of the human body. Papers will examine the kinds of bodies that were enlisted, co-opted and represented during this period, on both the battlefield and the various “home fronts.” Challenging disciplinary and geographic boundaries, we aim to create dialogues between different fields and to intervene in current discussions concerning embodiment and disability studies, medical humanities, and writing the history of the wartime and postwar body.
Our call for papers is now closed. We will be publishing our program on this site soon. Registration is now open: https://humanbody2018.wordpress.com/registration/