We are delighted to announce our two keynote speakers: Professor Laura Salisbury (University of Exeter) and Dr Roderick Bailey (University of Oxford).


Laura Salisbury is an Associate Professor in Medicine and English Literature at the University of Exeter, where she is also the Director of Postgraduate Research. She is a co-investigator on the AHRC-funded network Modernism, Medicine and the Embodied Mind, with Ulrika Maude at the University of Bristol and Elizabeth Barry at the University of Warwick. Laura has written extensively on modernism, science, and the body, and on the playwright Samuel Beckett in particular. Her monograph Samuel Beckett: Laughing Matters, Comic Timing was published by Edinburgh University Press in 2012. She is currently finishing a second book entitled Aphasic Modernism: Revolutions of the Word, which explores the relations between modernism, modernity, and early twentieth-century neuroscientific conceptions of language. Another project on Slow Modernism is also underway.


Rod Bailey is a Lecturer in the History of Medicine at the University of Oxford. He specialises in the history of modern war and conflict, and his research interests lie primarily in the Second World War, military medicine, unconventional warfare, and the Cold War. As a Wellcome Trust Fellow at Oxford, he completed a study of personnel selection and mental health among British, US, and Australian special forces in wartime Europe and the Pacific. One of his current research projects explores the work of Allied medical officers attached to wartime guerrilla movements, while another explores the participation of medical practitioners in the handling and interrogation of ‘high value’ military prisoners. His recent publications include Target: Italy: The Secret War Against Mussolini 1940-1943 (Faber & Faber 2014). He has worked in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Africa as an official monitor of international elections for the European Union and OSCE, and has also served with the British Army in Afghanistan.